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Putting forth a professional image is essential for any business. To guarantee that you are presented with high-quality branding, a consultation is scheduled to discuss who you are and what image you are conveying. This stage also includes the agreement

of price, date of delivery and types of file formatting. 

To ensure a truly beneficial experience, we take upon ourselves to research your current brand’s identity, your competitors, along with your target audience. Then a concept, tailor-made for your business is developed. A brand that connects with its target markets, as well as present a crystal clear message to your intended recipients.


Based on your design concepts, branding themes are conceptualized and constructed. During this stage, mock-ups are presented for discussion for more possible brainstorming and approval. This stage allows for tangible visualizing of the overall vision. 

We often use creative exploration with the help of art direction to guide this process. Mix and match color palettes, typographic pairings and the use of a grid structure are utilized to create variation. From that sort, 1-2 mock-ups are designed to present for initial feedback. 



Let's say you notice a couple of adjustments that may add to the aesthetic of the project. Based on your feedback, your first two revisions are on us. If you would like to add a different element, suggest a color change or etc. this would be the time to do so.

During this step, we can verify how well the idea will function as envisioned. Therefore, proof of the project is sent for one last approval. Lastly, the final product is saved in the file format, best suited for its purpose. 


TB Branding stores all designs for 30 days from the consent of approval. We understand unfortunate situations may occur and for safekeeping, your design is saved and protected. 

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