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Branding 101

Q: How does it take to build a brand? 

A: It generally can take years to build a full brand. Start with where you are now and express what makes you memorable from the rest. 


Q: What is the difference between a brand and a logo? 

A: A brand is the meaning or story that goes along with a company's name. A logo is only one element within a brand and is understood to represent your company. 


Our Service

Q: Once I book a service, who will I be working with? 

A: You will work alongside our knowledgeable and helpful brand consultants. They will take you through every step of your creation process. 


Q: We are not in the same city, may I obtain branding services? 

A: Absolutely, we are here to accommodate you. All we ask are detailed knowledge about deadlines and your specific time zone.


Q: What is the difference between videography and cinematography? 

A: A videographer is someone who records content. A cinematographer tells a story, conveying a message through artistry in a cinematic nature. Responsible for all visuals captured in production. 


Q: How do I request a specific service? 

A: You can send all inquiries to or follow the link to request a quote, and we will get back to you within one and three business days. 

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